Three minutes of short film brilliance

Hooray! We have a great British short film to show you next Saturday 5th April at 8pm, before our screening of the box-office smash Intouchables. The brilliant Robin King has given us permission to show his wickedly funny short, Ten Thousand Pictures of You. Only three minutes long, but a great story, cleverly told.  Altogether it makes for a perfect Saturday night at the movies, we think….


last chance to vote

Last chance to vote for which film you would like to see as our June finale. 76 votes have been cast so far, and Blue Jasmine and Saving Mr Banks are neck and neck at the moment. Some brilliant other films have been suggested, such as Almodovar’s I’m So Excited, and the wonderful Japanese family drama, I Wish. If you’ve yet to vote – the link to our online survey is here:

Winning film to be announced on Saturday…

Japanese cakes

Our order of traditional Japanese cakes has arrived just in time for our screening of My Neighbour Totoro this Saturday 1st Feb at 3pm.

Come and enjoy the movie with treats made with chestnut, anko, soba and green tea (as well as our usual selection of homemade cakes, cookies, fruit and popcorn of course).large

good news and bad news

So … the good news is that the director of the brilliant Oscar winning short film – 7.35 in the Morning – has given us permission to show it at our screening on 1st February. This is one of our very favourite short films.  It’s a most unusual eight minute long declaration of strong feelings.  We think you will enjoy it.


And the bad news is that Lucas Films (who own the rights to the Star Wars movies) have announced a moratorium on the screening of the films.  So we will be unable to show Star Wars:  A New Hope as planned next month.  Instead we will be screening Back to the Future.


What would you like to see next…?

We are finalising our programme for next year.  With slots for only 9 films (plus 9 films for kids) it’s proving hard to narrow down.  As for last season, we think the programme should be a mixture of old and new, foreign language and English films, with a mix of genres.  Each film will have to attract a minimum of 50 people, and should also be something a bit special – either be a classic of its genre, look great on the big screen, or perhaps be something that has not been widely screened before.  We have attached a list of your suggestions so far – have a look and let us know if there’s something there you’d love to see, or something you’d like to add…


Blue Door Film Suggestions from audience